Intuitive design based on your energy and personality

Design with heart for businesses with soul

Great graphic design that is aligned with your business is a natural attractor for clients. Lift your business to the next level with amazing communication tools. 

what are you looking for?

Branding, client communication, social media… It can be overwhelming to juggle all this besides trying to run your business. Stick to what you do best and hire a professional to take care of your branding and communication. 

I welcome one-off projects as well as long-term contracts. 


Your logo is the first thing people will see when they get in touch with your brand. Make sure to make the memory last!​


Creating a brand look so all your materials and communications have 1 strong matching base for upmost professionality and recognisability.​


Once you have a strong and unified brand look, let's tie it all together when designing stationary materials.


Not only stationary needs to match the look, also your social media designs can be translated to your brand look.


A brand needs online presence, and your website tells your whole story. Make sure it's a captivating one.


Whether you need professional photos of your product or business, yourself or your service, or you need content material - I'll make sure to capture the heart of your brand.

What Clients Say

Elyn is the perfect combination of artistic and aesthetic excellence and technical know-how. If you want your project done right, go with Elyn! I could not be more pleased! She went above and beyond to make sure my logo was 100% to my satisfaction. I am ecstatic with my new beautiful logo, and can't wait to use it!
Mrs. S.
Excellent service, came up with exactly what I wanted when I wasn't sure what I wanted. Thoroughly recommend.
Very very impressed with the quality of the output! Really enjoyed working together with her and hopefully will continue collaborating on future projects.
She was really great and make some amazing suggestion. She understood quite well my project and was able to design what I needed. I highly recommend her.
Thank you Elyn, for our amazingly beautiful website! You really understood us and felt which way we wanted the website to look, the texts, layout, photos,... We're so proud of it.
Elyn has done a wonderful job with my website! She translated my ideas perfectly, while still maintaining her signature minimalistic style. I’m also very happy with the logo she designed, which gives my business the professional look that I was looking for.
I'm so happy with my new logo and website. You really sensed what I wanted during our first talk, so of course the logo was absolutely the way I wanted it. It truly represents my soul mission. I'm also very proud of the website, every reaction I get starts with 'what a beautiful website, it's so you!'