About Elyn

Who am i

I am an all-round creative with a passion for graphic design and creating beauty. 

MY Mission

Translating your soul and passion into beautiful design.

What I Do

I tune into your energy to find inspiration to create a brand and design that really tells your story.

Brief History

Elyn graduated cum laude in Commercial Communication Management from AP in Antwerp. She is an award-winning marketeer and has worked in Londen and in Belgium as a marketing specialist for 5+ years, before giving in to her big passion: graphic design. She has worked with numurous happy clients over the past years, helping them finding their brand and growing their business.  

As she was working with her clients, she noticed that she could really tune in to their energy and translate their hearts into design. 100% of her clients have confirmed that Elyn can really feel what they want to tell and show the world with their brand. 

my 3C Process


I want to really connect with you, so in the first stage I want to talk with you in a relaxed setting. So I can really get to know you and your brand. 


Good agreements make good friends – I try to always communicate as clearly as possible and I want us to have clear expectations towards each other. 


In the design process I’ll try to capture your personality and ideas in design. All I ask from you is honest opinions and respectful feedback. 

Why Choose meraki?

Years of experience and numerous happy clients vouch for Elyn’s heartfelt design work.

Set yourself apart with a design that’s not generic, but truly represents everything you stand for.

I want you to be thrilled with my designs. If not, I’ve not done my job right.

As an empath, I can really relate to you and your story and translate your feelings into design.