BRAND & ONLINE package

A lot of people think ‘logo’ when they think of a brand. It’s not wrong, but it’s also so much more than that. A brand is everything that is associated with your company, including what your audience and clients think of you. You can influence how people perceive you by creating a visual brand that is based on strategy. Don’t worry, this exactly what I can help you with.

When you think of brands like Disney, Nike or Victoria’s Secret – you can feel that these brands carry out very different sentiments. You’ll think of different colors, fonts, visuals and experiences when thinking of each of these brands. They all contribute to creating a brand experience that’s truly unique to them.

This is also something you can create with your brand and business! With the BRAND package, I define your unique strengths as a brand and highlight them with visual branding. I help you define a unique tone of voice, create a brand strategy and work out a gorgeous brand identity that alines with your ideal audience.

How to recognize a strong brand:

Why a strategy-based brand identity is important for your business:


This is an overview of what you’ll receive with the Brand Package.

Original price: €5.999 ex. btw
BACK TO BUSINESS DEAL: €3.999 excl. btw
(Until October 31, 2021)


You get a complete brand kit, which included a detailed strategy section:


The brand kit included instructions and guidelines for brand design.


Wordpress webdesign using Elementor Pro. This is the basic package:

Let's build the website of your dreams

Everyone’s needs are different, that’s why I like to offer as many choices as possible so you can choose and pick which functionalities you want on your website. 

The basic package has 5 pages included. 

Additional pages: €200 (excl BTW) per page

You are free to deliver the copy for your website yourself, or ask a copywriter you have worked with already. 

I do offer copywriting services (English + Dutch) which are SEO researched and optimized. 

Copywriting services: €100 (excl BTW) per 500 words

You are free to deliver photos and visuals you wish to use on your website. The quality must be at least 150PPI and you must have usage rights of these imagaes.

I will add royalty-free photos and visuals from high quality photo databases. This is included in the project price. 

Included in the basic package: 

  • Contact form
  • 1 pop-up
  • Blog

Other functionalities that can be added (get in contact for a price offer)

  • Webshop and payment functionalities
  • Newsletter
  • Landing pages
  • Booking system
  • Course/learning functionality
  • Questionnaires
Do I need a designer or a developer?


A web developer builds a website from the ground up using HTML and CSS code. In this case, you have complete freedom in design and functionalities for your website. This also comes with a bigger price tag. I don't offer this service.

Work with a developer if:

  • You want your website designed to the pixel the way you want it to look
  • You need functionalities designed specifically to your needs. (custom e-commerce features, employee logins, …)
  • You don’t want to do many visual updates on the website and don’t remind relying on the developer to do these updates.


The focus is on the layout, user interface and design of the website. I use templates and ready-to-use functionalities to build the website. This is why I use a builder like WordPress - it allows me to work with templates while giving me a lot of artistic freedom to design them to my needs.

Work with a designer if:

  • You want great design that user optimized. 
  • You need functionalities that are pre-designed thus easy to learn and use. 
  • You want to be able to maintain and update your website regularly and want to do this yourself. 


Elly is a pleasure to work with. Words cannot describe how thankful and happy we are with her as a professional and the work she did for us! Prompt in communication, patient and accommodating, Elly helped us build the brand identity and the website that best fitted our vision of the business, leaving room for future growth and change. She is very skilled, efficient, and has absolutely great problem solving skills - we never expected these major projects to be lacking of stress, but Elyn made that possible. We highly recommend Elly!
3D Medical Aesthetics
Elly is the perfect combination of artistic and aesthetic excellence and technical know-how. If you want your project done right, go with Elly! I could not be more pleased! She is an extremely talented and skilled designer, and is wonderful to work with. She went above and beyond to make sure my logo was 100% to my satisfaction. I am ecstatic with my new beautiful logo, and can't wait to use it!
Mrs. S. Teaches
Elly is extremely talented! She is strong with both language and design, and because of this she knows how to create strong content again and again. Elly has a distinct style and with her intuitive approach she is the graphic designer for coaches, creatives and musicians. Meraki Design has a fan!



After the introduction call, you receive:
The project overview
Project timeline
Deposit request
A request to fill out a questionnaire and make a Pinterest Board
We schedule a brainstorm session


We have a brainstorm session (over Zoom) about your business and brand. After that, I get to work and send you updates. You'll get review rounds to make everything just perfect. We finish the strategy and design first so we have a base for the website.

Step 3

I start designing your website. We have a few revision rounds for the finishing touches.


I email you the deliverables and hopefully make you the happiest customer ever.


Are you ready?

Ready to uplift your brand and design a gorgeous logo that’s not only beautiful, but communicates your business values and connects with your target audience?

Are you looking for just the website?

Maybe you already have a strong brand in place, but you’re looking for a webdesigner. That’s possible here as well. Just get in contact so we can discuss your needs and I can send you a custom offer. 

Hi, I'm Elly

I’m a Belgian designer and creative. I graduated with honors in Brand Communications and worked in marketing for years. I’ve always been in love with graphic design and got so many requests that in 2019 I made the switch to become a full-time graphic designer. I’m doing it with so much love and passion, and I can see the value I bring my clients by offering brand strategy along with design.

Is this package right for me?

Most of my clients are in the following industries: coaching, self-development, spiritual, beauty and cosmetics, art and cultural. But of course – as long as my style and way of working speak to you – reach out and let’s work together!

You are a start-up or brand-new business looking to establish a strong brand built on strategy and with design that can grow along with the business.
You have a well-established business looking for a rebrand, with design that matches your values and that speaks to your target audience.
You are looking to expand to a new niche, speak to a new audience or expand your product range and need fresh branding to go along with it.

Do you fit in one of the above?

Let's work together!


These are other packages that I offer – check them out to see which one fits your needs!


I perform market research and competitor analysis, and create a strategy that differentiates you! This allows me to create a truly unique brand that communicates exactly what you want.


In need of just a logo? This is the package for you!