LOGO package

A logo is more than you think it is. Way more. It’s not just an image you slap on everything. It’s the face of your brand. It communicates on an unconscious level what your business stands for. In a split second, your audience has formed an opinion about you, just by seeing your logo. Do you know what you’re communicating?

We process images 60.000 times faster than text. An image – or logo – provides almost immediate recognition. That’s why brands started using symbols with their brand names, and stuck to a set pair of colors and fonts. Using the same symbol over and over again in all your brand communication, you start building brand recognition and trust with your audience.

"The strongest logos tell simple stories."

Not all logos are created equal

With the rise of easy and cheap graphic design tools and logo-creating websites, it’s quite easy to just pop a logo in your cart, check out and be done with it. For some businesses, this will work for them. But often they run into problems later:

This is what a strong, unique and strategy-based logo should do for you:


The LOGO package is perfect if you’re looking for a high quality, professional logo design.

Original price: €799 ex. btw
BACK TO BUSINESS DEAL: €399 excl. btw
(Until October 31, 2021)


1 page overview of your to consistently build your brand, explaining which colors and fonts to use for your brand.


Logo and sublogo design: Creation of a strong and unique logo, and sublogo’s/icons to use in different settings. You receive vector files (EPS), PNG and JPEG files.


3 visuals/photos (royalty free) to use for your brand.


I could not be more pleased! She went above and beyond to make sure my logo was 100% to my satisfaction. I am ecstatic with my new beautiful logo, and can’t wait to use it!
Mrs. S. Teaches
I’m so happy with my new logo and website. You really sensed what I wanted during our first talk, so of course the logo was absolutely the way I wanted it. It truly represents my soul mission.
Anja Spelters
I’m also very happy with the logo she designed, which gives my business the professional look that I was looking for. She translated my ideas perfectly, while still maintaining her signature minimalistic style.
Maris Music



Book a free 15min discovery call where we discuss your project and set outlines for the timelines and deliverables.


You receive an email with:
The project overview
Project timeline
Deposit request
If needed: a request to fill out a questionnaire and make a moodboard

Step 3

After receiving the deposit, I start designing. I come back to you with proposals, where you get 3 revision rounds if needed.


I email you the deliverables and hopefully make you the happiest customer ever.


Are you ready?

Ready to uplift your brand and design a gorgeous logo that’s not only beautiful, but communicates your business values and connects with your target audience?

You might feel like a logo doesn’t cut it. That’s because it’s only a piece in a huge branding puzzle. An important one though – but still just a piece.

Brand should be built on strategy, not just on pretty colors and pictures. When you create a visual identity that leans on market research and strategy, it performs 100 times better. Brand strategy should be the base of your marketing. You should know where your business is positioned in the market, who your target audience is and how to reach them using creative solutions. THEN, we build your visual identity

For this exact need, I offer the BRAND package. I perform market research and competitor analysis, and create a strategy that differentiates you! This allows me to create a truly unique brand that communicates exactly what you want.

What you get in the BRAND PACKAGE

Hi, I'm Elly

I’m a Belgian designer and creative. I graduated with honors in Brand Communications and worked in marketing for years. I’ve always been in love with graphic design and got so many requests that in 2019 I made the switch to become a full-time graphic designer. I’m doing it with so much love and passion, and I can see the value I bring my clients by offering brand strategy along with design.

Is this package right for me?

Most of my clients are in the following industries: coaching, self-development, spiritual, beauty and cosmetics, art and cultural. But of course – as long as my style and way of working speak to you – reach out and let’s work together!

You are a start-up or brand-new business (maybe with limited resources) but still looking to create a unique logo.
You have followed the course ‘Visual Branding’ by P-Plan and have completed your brand book. Now you only need the logo!
You have a well-established business, but need a breath of fresh air in your branding. You need a redesign of your current logo.

Do you fit in one of the above?

Let's work together!


These are other packages that I offer – check them out to see which one fits your needs!


I perform market research and competitor analysis, and create a strategy that differentiates you! This allows me to create a truly unique brand that communicates exactly what you want.


You get everything from the BRAND package + A brand new website, created in WordPress and SEO optimized.